How we help look after the environment

The UK produces 60 million waste tyres every year with 40% of them still being burnt in cement kilns. Not only does this raise alarming emission concerns but there is huge wastage in transportation and energy due to the geographical location of the kilns.

Brunel Tyres recognizes the importance of our environment, which is why we have long standing relationships with carefully selected waste carriers. Our on going association with local company Black-Ram Recycling has ensured 100% of our waste tyres are disposed of using environmentally friendly applications. Some of our waste tyres have been used in numerous civil engineering projects, flood defence systems and road noise barriers to name but a few. We also supply used tyres for the Childrens Scrap store for use in local playgrounds and gardeners have been using them as potato planters in the local allotments.  

Brunel Tyres is continuously looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint and we believe in regional responsibility for our waste…. Collected, recycled and re-used in the same locality.


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